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Posted on 03-29-2017

Is There A Difference Between Sciatica And Lower Back Pain in Mint Hill?

Spinal pain or injuries can be caused from car, sports and workplace injuries, general overuse and lifestyle factors such as obesity or being sedentary. These often result in sciatic nerve pain or lower back pain. Our chiropractor in Matthews wants to help you determine whether you are experiencing sciatica, lower back pain or both that are related. After a personal evaluation of your spine and reported symptoms, our Matthews chiropractor will determine if you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain or a combination of both.

Woman experiencing lower back pain

Determining Sciatic Nerve Pain with Our Mint Hill Chiropractor

Our Mint Hill chiropractor says, "The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body traveling from the L5/S1 vertebral area all the way to the tip of your toes. We determine if the sciatic nerve is causing your pain when we see that if is compressed between the L5/S1 region." The compression of this nerve can cause lower back pain on its own, yet it is characteristic of pain in the low back and glutes and that travels down the leg. 

Lower Back Pain Causes

When the sciatic nerve is not involved, lower back pain can be caused from a spinal misalignment or rotation where the sciatic nerve is not compressed. Muscles that have been affected along the spine may also be a source of lower back pain. Other nerves that are not the sciatic nerve can become compressed also causing lower back pain. 

Sciatica treatment in Matthews

Your sciatica treatment in Matthews will be aimed at freeing the sciatic nerve from being pinched between the L5/S1 vertebral area. We most commonly use a spinal decompression technique for sciatic nerve pain. Our Matthews chiropractor will gently apply a decompressive force to the affected area to stretch the space allowing the nerve to become decompressed. The treatment plan will work to continually decompress the area to keep the sciatic nerve free to reduce pain and inflammation.  Are you tired of sciatic pain? Call our chiropractor in Matthews today

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