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Posted on 07-25-2017

Tension Headaches Explained From Your Chiropractor in Matthews

If you are suffering from a headache, it may not make much of a difference to you whether a headache is a tension headache or a migraine headache. There are differences, however, and knowing these differences can help you better get the relief you need. You may be surprised at how our Matthews chiropractor and Mint Hill chiropractor at Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine can help.

woman having a migraine

The Difference Between a Tension Headache and a Migraine Headache

Tension headaches often feel like a band that is tightening around the head. The pain may extend down into the neck and shoulder areas. Tension headaches are often moderate to severe in nature and can last from several minutes to several days. There are usually no early symptoms of a tension headache, where migraines often are telegraphed. Migraines tend to be more severe in nature and can be accompanied by vomiting. While tension headaches are painful and uncomfortable, migraines can be debilitating. Tension headaches can be triggered by physical stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, poor posture, and emotional stress. Migraines tend to be caused by diet and odors. Interestingly enough, medications designed to treat headache symptoms are often the cause of their continuation.

Tension and Chronic Migraine Treatment in Matthews

Your chiropractor in Matthews at Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine offers all-natural tension and chronic migraine treatment. Through chiropractic care and adjustments, we can reduce tension in the upper back, shoulder, and neck area that can be the cause of tension headaches. We can also realign the neuromuscular system, providing a better flow of communication in this complex system of the body. This often results in successful chronic migraine treatment in Matthews. If you have frequent headaches, whether they are tension related or migraines, you can get the relief you need without medication, at your chiropractor in Matthews.

Get the Relief You Need At our Matthews Clinic

If you suffer from your headaches or continue to treat them with medications that offer no long-term solution, we encourage you to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care. Call us at (704) 841-2200 and make an appointment today. Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine is located at 9940 Monroe Road #101 in Matthews, NC.

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