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Posted on 08-09-2017

Our Chiropractor in Matthews Understands Common Sports Injuries 

Dedicated athletes at all levels can count on a chiropractor in Matthews who knows the most common sports injuries and how to treat them. Our Matthews chiropractor, Dr. Cheuvront, has over 25 years of experience in working with our patients to keep them healthy, whether they are competitive runners, recreational tennis players or high school athletes. Our whole team cares about your fitness and athletic goals, and with our collective years of experience, we can help prevent and treat common sports injuries so you can miss as little training as possible to aim for success.

We love taking the time to talk to you and perform diagnostic tests to provide answers quickly and accurately. 

track runners on field and sports injury

Rely on Our Mint Hill Chiropractor to Keep You Healthy and Prevent Common Sports Injuries 

Our chiropractor and chiropractic team are here to help you identify common sports injuries before you encounter them. We believe it is better for you to take preventive measures to avoid injury, which might include proper stretching, hydration, nutrition, rest and chiropractic sessions for good spinal alignment.

Keep the following common sports injuries in mind throughout your training: 

  • Ankle Sprains. Ankle sprains are so common that most everyone has experienced one, whether as a child or adult. It is difficult to prevent such an injury since it often happens quickly and unexpectedly. As much as possible, watch your step on uneven ground, particularly in grassy areas that may have holes. You might also take yoga classes or simply work on improving your balance. 
  • Groin Pulls. Groin pulls occur during push-offs or acceleration in the groin, or hip flexor area. Good stretching and strengthening are important strategies, as well as chiropractic adjustments, as needed. 

Additional common injuries include: hamstring sprains, shin splints and knee injuries. 

Visit Our Sport Injury Chiropractor in Matthews 

Are you training for something special and worried about staying healthy? Our chiropractor in Matthews can help. 

Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

9940 Monroe Road #101

Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 841-2200

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