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Posted on 09-26-2017

Avoiding Shoulder Pain at Work with Help from Your Matthews Chiropractor

Although it might seem like shoulder pain or injuries would usually result from physically-demanding jobs like construction, the truth is that all kinds of jobs can lead to this type of problem. Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) take many forms, and they can frequently impact your shoulders, whether you spend your days manning a checkout line at a grocery store or in front of a computer in an office environment. Fortunately, your Matthews chiropractor has the experience and knowledge to help you get relief from these symptoms, as well as tips that can help you avoid their recurrence.

patient receiving shoulder pain treatement

What Causes Chronic Shoulder Pain?

Chronic shoulder pain can be caused by anything that puts undue stress on your shoulder, particularly if it involves a repetitive movement or holding your body in an unnatural position for a long period of time. In fact, maintaining an awkward posture is one of the leading causes of this condition.

This may involve working with your arms raised above the level of your shoulders on a regular basis, holding your arms or body in the same position for a long time, or simply not maintaining a proper position at your workstation, whether you’re sitting or standing. Other activities that can put stress on your shoulder include using power tools, and even driving large vehicles, especially if the seat is not properly positioned.

Preventing Chronic Shoulder Pain

Whether you have chronic shoulder pain that’s interfering with your ability to work, or you want to know what to do to prevent minor symptoms from becoming more serious, your Mint Hill chiropractor can help. With corrective and maintenance treatments to restore your body’s proper alignment, you can find relief from work-related shoulder pain, no matter what industry or environment you work in.

Your chiropractor in Matthews can also share some tips on how to sit properly, how to set up your workstation ergonomically, and what types of stretches to integrate into your daily routine to maintain your shoulder health. Taking breaks that allow you to get up and move around is an essential part of this, as is engaging in different types of tasks throughout your workday as much as possible.

Contact Our Mint Hill Chiropractor For Treatment

So, if you’re ready to free yourself from the discomfort of chronic shoulder pain, call the Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic and Sports Medicine at (704) 841-2200 today to schedule an appointment.

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