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Posted on 03-29-2017

Treating Back Pain with Our Chiropractor in Matthews

If lower back pain relief is what you are seeking, our Mint Hill chiropractor can offer reliable, effective treatment for both acute and chronic back pain. Chiropractic care in Matthews relies on the latest, state of the art chiropractic techniques rather than resorting to unwanted surgical procedures or strong pain medications. 

Man experiencing lower back pain

The Cause of Your Back Pain

Our Matthews chiropractor will ask a series of questions to understand the cause of your back pain. If you recently experienced a sport, workplace or auto accident injury, we want to be your frontline source for back pain care. We can help serious injury and discomfort from setting in when you come to see us just following your incident. 

Pain can become chronic simply due to everyday overuse or disregard of misaligned vertebrae. During your evaluation, our Mint Hill chiropractor will be able to determine what vertebrae need to be adjusted to provide relief care as well as what areas should be addressed to keep you pain free. 

Chiropractic Care in Matthews

Chiropractic Care in Matthews includes relief care, rehabilitative and corrective care and preventive care to address the areas of the spine that are experiencing subluxation. We want to get you out of your pain state as soon as possible. At your initial visit you will likely have a spinal adjustment aimed at relieving your pain. We will discuss a treatment plan with you that include the stages of care above to keep you free from pain. Our chiropractic care is aimed at aligning the spine as well as supporting the associated tendons, ligaments and muscles that are associated with the spine. 

Our chiropractor in Matthews may suggest exercises at home, dietary advice or supplements to improve the potential effects of your care. 

Call Our Chiropractor in Matthews for Back Pain Now

Tired of not being able to participate in your favorite activities due to back pain and ready for lower back pain relief? Call our Matthews chiropractor to start experiencing lower back pain now. 

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