Conditions Treated by Our Matthews and Mint Hill Chiropractor

Conditions TreatedOur Matthews and Mint Hill chiropractor, Dr. Cheuvront, at Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, Dr. Cheuvront, can treat many painful health conditions.

Back pain

Back pain occurs due to acute trauma, spinal degeneration or years of spinal misalignment. Our Matthews and Mint Hill chiropractor can pinpoint the cause of your back pain and prescribe the right mix of techniques to help you overcome it.

Neck pain

Neck pain may stem from whiplash, upper cervical misalignment or postural problems such as “text neck.” We can relieve that neck pain through chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and ergonomic recommendations.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is often related to repetitive motion, sports injuries, or referred pain from the neck. We can discover why your shoulder hurts and administer extremity adjustments and physical therapy to stop the pain.

Headaches and migraines

We can relieve headaches through massage therapy, chiropractic care and other techniques that relieve muscle tightness and spasms. Chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling and lifestyle adjustments are also effective against migraines.

Bulging disc

when spinal discs bulge and flatten they can irritate spinal joints and nerve tissue. Our Mint Hill and Matthews chiropractor can perform adjustments can bring the disc back into its proper position, reducing your symptoms.


A bulging disc, herniated disc or musculoskeletal misalignment can put pressure on the sciatic nerve roots, creating the leg weakness, numbness, tingling and pain known as sciatica. Our spinal adjustments can relieve that pinched nerve tissue and associated symptoms.

Sport injuries

Sport injuries may include dislodged vertebrae, herniated discs, torn muscles, strained tendons, stretched ligaments and pinched nerves. We can correct spinal issues, treat soft tissue damage and prescribe a rehabilitation program to help you return to form.

Whiplash and other auto injuries

An auto accident can cause the dreaded neck condition known as whiplash, along with seat belt injuries, shoulder injuries and sciatica. We can prescribe a holistic rehabilitation and pain relief package to put you back on the road to health.

Work injuries

From herniated discs sustained while lifting a heavy object to impact injuries and repetitive strain disorders, you can’t afford to let pain put you out of a job. Our combination of natural therapies can get your body working again.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Inflammation of the wrist’s carpal tunnel afflicts everyone from office workers to athletes. Our Matthews chiropractor offers adjustments and soft tissue treatments to relieve pain, swelling and neurological symptoms in the hand.

Musculoskeletal disorders

Osteoarthritis, tendonitis and other musculoskeletal disorders are often related to or aggravated by an unbalanced body. We can get your musculoskeletal system back in balance while relieving your pain and other symptoms.

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