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Neck PainAt Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, our goal is to provide each of our patients with a whole-body focus to wellness. With over 25 years of experience, you can expect Dr. Cheuvront and his team to help you overcome any pain you have, including neck pain. Treatment for neck pain in Matthews is available in our office. We use the latest techniques and resources to help you feel better and regain your mobility.

Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain is not uncommon. For some people, it is a slight discomfort they wake up with each morning that subsides within a few minutes. For others, neck pain can become very painful and chronic. If you are experiencing any level of pain, the help of your chiropractor is essential. We offer treatment for a variety of types of neck pain. Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Sudden force-related injury to the cervical spinal column
  • Stiff neck due to sleeping in a bad position or holding the head in a strained position
  • Strain from use such as carrying heavy items
  • Poor posture and text neck

Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor in Matthews

One of the reasons that many visit is because we are an auto accident injury chiropractor in Matthews. The most common cause of pain in the neck is from whiplash, a condition that occurs with sudden force, such as from a rear ending. Whiplash is a condition in which the cervical spinal column, or the top portion of the spinal column in the neck, is misaligned. It also creates inflammation in the joints and muscles located in this area, causing pain. All of this stems from the rapid back and force movement that auto accidents can cause.
Whiplash can also occur as a result of any trauma to the head or neck including in assault instances or in sports injuries. This type of injury can cause neck and shoulder pain very easily.

How Your Matthews Chiropractor Can Help You

When you visit your Matthews chiropractor, our job will be to provide you with a full examination and then to determine the best type of whiplash treatment or treatment aimed at your specific needs related to shoulder pain. Among the options for whiplash treatment are the following:

  • Chiropractic care – With the use of spinal manipulation, we can adjust the spinal column to improve alignment. In doing so, we’ll be able to reduce the inflammation and pain.
  • Muscle relaxation and stimulation – A therapeutic massage can help to speed up blood flow to this area, helping to reduce inflammation.
  • Corrective exercises – We’ll also help strengthen this area with the use of corrective exercises to ensure we are working to improve the function of the muscles here.

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