Welcome to Our New Patient Center at Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

new patients in matthews ncWe’re delighted that you’re thinking about scheduling your very first visit to Cheuvront Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. If you’ve never had any kind of chiropractic appointment before, you may be wondering what you can expect from the procedure; if you’re familiar with chiropractic treatment, you may be making the final determination as to why and how our chiropractor in Matthews NC, Dr. Cheuvront, is your best choice for natural health, wellness and pain relief. Let’s examine these issues so you can make that initial appointment with full confidence.

Why Us?

Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine offers a combination of features that make us a uniquely attractive proposition for anyone looking to feel and function better. You and your loved ones will be getting:

  • Extraordinary skill and experience – Our Matthews chiropractor have over 25 years of experience helping individuals just like you overcome their musculoskeletal challenges. Dr. Cheuvront’s comprehensive education and background includes hundreds of hours of training in orthopedics, nutrition, rehabilitation, and neurology, as well as the treatment of headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, sports injuries, and whiplash. He is also Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.
  • Unrivaled convenience and comfort – Our friendly, courteous staff and soothing, comfortable environment (including private treatment rooms) will put you at ease right away. Our location and handicapped parking access making getting here a breeze. We accept most types of insurance and workers comp cases, while our ability to handle all the associated paperwork takes yet another burden off your plate. If you’re in pain and need immediate help, same-day appointments are also available.
  • The latest technologies and techniques – Our ability to administer state-of-the-art diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation techniques will make you glad you chose to visit our chiropractor in Matthews. We make use of modern radiography (X-ray) imaging, chiropractic methods, and on-site physiological therapeutics (PT) to ensure that you’re receiving the highest standard of care available anywhere. If outside expertise is required for your condition or case, our Matthews chiropractor can provide you with the necessary M.D. or attorney referrals as well.
  • A wide range of holistic healing services – Spinal adjustment isn’t all we do here at Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. In addition to chiropractic treatment and “maintenance care,” we can also provide supportive therapies such as Active Release Technique (ART), prescribed corrective exercises, sports or auto injury rehabilitation plans and nutritional counseling.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with our chiropractor in Matthews will seem similar to many respects to other doctor appointments to may have experienced in the past. One major extra convenience is the ability to download the initial forms right here through our website so you can fill them out in advance; this will reduce the amount of time you have to spend in the waiting room. Our chiropractor will refer to this information while asking you about any current symptoms you are experiencing, when they started, and the circumstances surrounding their development. You’ll also receive a detailed musculoskeletal examination to ensure that the underlying cause of your problem is pinpointed accurately.

If you’re suffering from acute pain or other distressing symptoms, you can receive your first chiropractic session as soon as we’ve examined you. Our chiropractic care is administered in three major phases. Phase 1 is relief care aimed at taming your immediate symptoms; these sessions may be administered over several weeks. Phase 2 is corrective and restorative care meant to reinforce your initial treatments and restore optimal function. Phase 3, wellness care, is a strategy for helping you maintain healthy spinal alignment, nerve function, and overall well-being through periodic evaluations, adjustments and smart preventative maintenance in your everyday life.

Ready to Meet a Great Matthews and Mint Hill Chiropractor?

If you’ve been seeking a top-quality Matthews or Mint Hill chiropractor, your search is finally over. Take a moment to download and complete our online forms, and call (704) 841-2200 or use our online scheduler to set up that first appointment. We want to help you discover just how effective, comfortable and convenient chiropractic care can be!