Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Matthews

Sports Injury TreatmentHere at Cheuvront Clinic of Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, our chiropractor provides sports injury treatment and rehabilitation to athletes of all levels. Explore common symptoms of a sports injury and why chiropractic is the right choice for athletes.

Sports Injuries We Treat

Our chiropractor works with athletes of all levels and ages, from youth to older adult. Our Matthews chiropractor can restore your muscle health and performance after an injury or perform tune ups to keep you in great shape year round. Amateur and pro athletes both benefit from chiropractic in the preventative and rehabilitative sense.
Common sports injuries our Matthews chiropractor treats includes:

  • Hockey injuries – Hockey players frequently complain of shoulder injuries, notably instability. Chiropractic can restore the integrity of the shoulder joint, which is one of the most complex joints in the body. 
  • Stiff or sore muscles – Stiff and sore muscles indicate inflammation and pain in the body. Since chiropractic releases endorphins and increases circulation in areas that are adjusted, treatments can relieve muscle stiffness and tension. 
  • Neck and back pain – Athletes in many sports experience bouts of neck and back pain, which can inhibit performance on the field. Chiropractic is the most effective way to relieve neck and back pain in athletes.
  • Repetitive strain – If you frequently make the same muscle movements in sports, you can wind up with a repetitive strain injury, such as golfer’s elbow. Our chiropractor in Matthews can realign the joints and ligaments, relieving inflammation and painful symptoms of repetitive strain. We can also re-train your muscles through stretching and strengthening exercises, so you stay healthy. 
  • Injury prevention – Regular adjustments keep your body attuned, so you can prevent injuries before they arise. 

Why Try Chiropractic for Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Matthews

Chiropractic goes beyond injury care to provide full treatment of the entire athlete. Our chiropractor in Matthews demonstrates stretches that restore tissue mobility and flexibility after injury. We suggest nutrition tips for optimal wellness, and we focus on promoting whole person wellness, not simply relieving your symptoms.

Many athletes enjoy receiving care that not only addresses their pain, but helps them thrive. Studies have shown that athletes receiving chiropractic care can jump longer, grip stronger, or lift more. If you’ve been struggling to hit a milestone and can’t quite get there, chiropractic could be the missing part of your training regimen.

When undertaken regularly, chiropractic tune-ups can help you increase your strength and performance. If you are serious about meeting a particular goal, whether in endurance, strength, or performance, you must add chiropractic to your wellness plan.

See a Matthews & Mint Hill Chiropractor

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